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SAFEBELLAIRE is a political action committee comprised of Bellaire residents who support the safety and quality of life in Bellaire. SAFEBELLAIRE supports local policies and representatives that aim to make public safety a top priority and improve the quality of life for Bellaire families. SAFEBELLAIRE believes that when there is a focus on these principles balanced with efficient fiscal stewardship, our communities thrive and grow.

SAFEBELLAIRE advances our mission in two ways:

  • By supporting local elected leaders and candidates who share our concerns and advocate for approaches that keep us safe.

  • By supporting policies, programs and organizations that enhance public safety.

SAFEBELLAIRE has reviewed the following communications from candidates in our consideration of which, if any, that we will endorse:

  • Candidate Forum

  • Campaign Materials

  • Q&A’s Covered by Local Media That Were Available to All Candidates

  • Comments Made By The Candidates on Social Media Networks

  • Candidate Bios

SAFEBELLAIRE has compiled a list of materials in its review of the candidates on the ballot in the 2021 Bellaire City Council Election which may be viewed below. These sources were reviewed with emphasis placed on community safety and the future quality of life of residents via safety, infrastructure needs, and priorities of their campaign. SAFEBELLAIRE also reviewed professional experience, civic involvement, and how they plan to provide fiscal stewardship while not sacrificing safety and quality of life.

Based on this evaluation, SAFEBELLAIRE endorses the following candidates in the 2021 Bellaire City Council elections:

Win Frazier, Position 1

Ross Gordon, Position 3

Brian Witt, Position 5

Priorities and Endorsements: About


Priorities and Endorsements: Files
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